Construction Liability Insurance

Risk Transfer Partners is located in Dallas, Texas and provides customized general contractor insurance and contractors liability insurance. We have the experience, knowledge and market relationships to handle general contractor insurance for construction contractors and skilled trade contractors. Our general contractors insurance is focused on providing every insured with broad form coverages tailored to their exposures and contractual obligations. At Risk Transfer Partners our general contractor and contractors liability insurance focuses on jobs with high liability including Construction, Manufacturing, and Environmental industries. Risk Transfer Partners also provides insurance coverage for the oil and gas industry, including offshore contractor insurance.

Contractors Liability Insurance is Essential For Construction Companies:

Any type of business involved in construction trades relies on general contractor insuranceto keep their employees and their work sites and employees safe and productive. Contractors and companies in this field need to carry this specialized type of insurance to protect themselves from natural, as well as unforeseen, risks associated with their jobs.


Risk Transfer Partners can provide your company or contractors with general contractor insurance, or specialized policies for all American markets, including Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. As liability laws vary by state, we make sure that you have proper coverage no matter where your business is located.


Contractors liability insurance is essential for construction company owners and workers. We often bundle your policy with other types of specialized insurance to make sure that all angles and situations are covered. Business owners insurance is another option that may apply to some construction companies, subcontractors and others involved in building construction, providing coverage for loss of income for unforeseen circumstances. Workers compensation insurance is also essential, covering medical costs and lost wages for employees who become injured on the job. In addition to general contractor insurance, some businesses consider insuring special types of company-owned construction vehicles as part of their policies.

Construction Contractor’s Insurance

Simple Applications:

Commercial and Residential General Contractors

Roofing Contractors

Foundation & Concrete Contractors

EIFS Contractors

Street and Road Contractors

Crane and Rigging (With and without operator)

Fire Suppression Contractors

Framing Contractors



HVAC Contractors

Insulation Contractors

Commercial and Residential Developers

Grading and Excavation

Utility Contractors

Scaffolding Contractors

For More Information About Construction Liability Insurance:

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General Contractor Insurance Coverages:

Commercial General Liability and Products/Completed Operations

ISO Occurrence Coverage Forms

S&A and Contractors Pollution Liability

Additional Insured Coverage for both Ongoing and Products Completed Operations

Per Project Aggregate

Primary Non-Contributory

Waiver of Subrogation

Care Custody Control

Employee Benefits Liability

General Contractor Insurance Policy Structure:

$1,000,000/$2,000,000/$2,000,000 Primary Limit Capacity

$10,000,000 Lead Excess/Umbrella Capacity (Higher layered limits available)

Deductible $5,000 ( Higher options available)

General Contractor Submission Requirements:

ACORD Commercial Insurance Application and General Liability Application with a complete Description of Operations (Signed and dated by the insured when bound)

Supplemental Application, where appropriate, (Signed and dated by the insured when bound)

Five Years currently valued company loss runs.