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Risk Transfer Partners has developed unique market relationships that allow us to createProduct Manufacturing Insurance that is custom-tailored to the special exposures and needs of each individual risk. We have the ability to place liability coverage for all types of product manufacturing, whether they are low or high hazard exposures. Contact us for more information on our industrial, contractor, environmental, and product manufacturing insurance.

Understanding Product Manufacturing Insurance:

Manufacturers open themselves up to liability simply by being in business. Companies that focus on manufacturing could lose everything in just one liability case, so it is important for them to hold product manufacturing insurance to protect themselves. Here is everything that these businesses need to know when they are looking into purchasing a policy. The Importance and Benefits of Insurance While companies have the option to go without product manufacturing insurance, they risk losing their assets in a liability case. Every business wants to believe that the worst will never happen, but there are inherent risks associated with manufacturing that need to be examined when an insurance policy is being considered.


The possibility that products will be unsafe for end users is real. There may be a malfunction in the production process that is not realized until someone is harmed. While companies are proactive about preventing this from happen, it is still a risk. Insurance allows anyone harmed by these products to be compensated for medical expenses and other losses without hurting the business.


Equipment used in manufacturing can pose a danger to employees when a malfunction occurs. Failure to follow safety procedures could also cause injury or death, and companies may be held liable if there is a belief that safety training efforts prior to an incident were not adequate. Insurance protects against liability in this case as well. One final reason for carrying product manufacturing insurance is to protect against liability when it comes to pollution. Environmental agencies may claim that the business is violating regulations related to emissions produced by manufacturing plants. Fines can be hefty, and insurance is intended to protect business finances from being wiped out in this instance.

Product Manufacturing Insurance Protection Provided:

The protection that is provided through product manufacturing insurance starts with general liability coverage. Coverage can be extended to third parties who work as contractors for the manufacturer. These policies also cover the expenses related to bodily injury to an end user and any property damage done by products or manufacturing activities. Employee benefits coverage is provided to ensure that businesses are protected in case an employee is injured during the manufacturing process. Companies that are ready to mitigate the risk that they take on when manufacturing products can contact us for more information about manufacturing insurance. We offer specialized insurance packages that are customized to meet the unique needs of each business we insure.

Product Manufacturing Insurance

Target Classes For Product Manufacturing Insurance:


Construction Equipment

Agriculture Equipment

Concrete Products



Fall Prevention Equipment

Industrial Detergents

Electrical Equipment

Elevators, Escalators, & Lifts

Exercise & Playground Equipment

Metal Goods

Modular Homes

Sporting Goods


Rubber Goods


Pipe & Casing




Building Supplies


Commercial General Liability & Products/Completed Operations

ISO Occurrence or Claims Made Coverage forms

Products Pollution

Additional Insured

Waiver of Subrogation

Primary Non-Contributory

Employee Benefits Liability

Submission Requirements:

ACORD Commercial Insurance Application and General Liability Application with a complete Description of Operations (Signed and dated by the insured when bound)

Supplemental Application, where appropriate, (Signed and dated by the insured when bound)

Five Years currently valued company loss runs

Expiring & Target Premium

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