Pollution & Contractors Liability Insurance

Risk Transfer Partners places Environmental Liability Insurance, Pollution Liability, and Contractors Liability Insurance, as well as Excess Liability Insurance. Our focus is on middle market contractors, manufacturers, and consultants that have environmental impairment liability exposures to hazardous materials.  Our technical expertise in insuring environmental exposure’s allow us to customize environmental liability insurance to make sure all forms of pollution liability are covered. We work with contractors handling asbestos, lead, mold Abatement, bio-remediation, chemical blenders, disposal facilities, and waste workers. We also have specialized Energy Contractors Insurance for workers in the Oil and Gas industry. Contact Risk Transfer Partners for Contractors Liability Insurance or Environmental Liability Insurance at (214) 369-2900.

What is Environmental Liability Insurance & Pollution Liability Insurance?

Since standard business liability coverage only provides minor protection for damage caused by contaminants, companies that keep or manage potentially lethal materials typically obtain a separate insurance policy called environmental liability insurance. This type of policy protects businesses from environmentally based incidents. Some causes are visible, such as the substances used to manufacture products, while other elements are unseen like leaks that sometimes occur from holding tanks. These leaks may pollute property or structures. Environmental damage can happen quickly, or it can begin slowly and build over time. Many companies face contaminant exposure that can negatively affect their business model. These exposures may come from the storage of materials along with air emissions that emanate from heating devices or other machines.


Pollution liability insurance covers the loss of property as well as a company’s liability for pollution related damage. These types of policies may also cover claims made by third party individuals and the legal expenses that come with dangerous environmental incidents. Bodily injury and financial losses due to business interruption are also covered.


At Risk Transfer Partners, our environmental liability insurance and pollution liability insurance policies can be created to act in response to requirements made by the federal government. For instance, transport ships must have an indemnity for pollution cleanup. This clause covers oil spills and toxic chemical leaks. In addition, companies that use underground storage tanks can prove to federal regulators that they are prepared to deal with the financial cost of cleanup by taking out a pollution liability insurance policy.


Risk Transfer Partners stays abreast of federal and state regulation changes to make sure that their covered companies have the environmental liability insurance protection they need.

Pollution & Contractors Liability Insurance

Pollution Insurance Coverages:

Contractors Pollution Liability

Site Pollution Liability (1st & 3rd party)

Transportation Pollution Liability

Products Pollution Liability

Non-owned Disposal Site coverage

General Commercial Liability Insurance & Products Completed Operations

ISO Occurrence & Claims Made Coverage Forms

Per Project Aggregate

Waiver of Subrogation

Additional Insured for both Ongoing and Products Completed Operations

Primary Non-Contributory

Employee Benefits Liability

For More Information About Environmental Insurance:

Call us at: (214) 369-2900

Dave Barrett, Partner dvbarrett@risktransferpartners.com or call us at: (469) 310-9109

Types of Environmental Liability Insurance Clients:

Asbestos/Lead/Mold Abatement Contractors

Environmental Consultants/Engineers

Waste Brokers

Soil/Groundwater Treatment Contractors

Disposal Facilities

Chemical Blenders/Distributors/Manufacturers

Analytical Laboratories

Fire/Water Restoration Contractors

Bioremediation Contractors

Submission Requirements

$1,000,000/$2,000,000/$2,000,000 Primary Limit Capacity

$1,000,000 Primary Pollution & Professional Limit Capacity (higher available upon request)

Deductible $5,000 (higher options available upon request)